Day 1

I seriously need to lose weight. I stepped on the scale this morning, and weigh as much today as I did three days after my youngest child was born.

He’s seven now.

it’s not that I haven’t tried to lose weight. I have. I’ve tried eating clean, weight watchers, giving up sugar, giving up processed food, counting calories. Nothing has worked…at least not for long.

Basically, at some point in every diet I go on, I start shoving food in my mouth. Too much of it.

Just writing this post makes me feel like hunting for Halloween snickers bars because, HELLO, if I don’t say anything, nobody will notice that I need to lose at least thirty pounds.


I see a cardiologist on Wednesday. Chest pains landed me that appointment fast, and when I mentioned that my mother had her first heart attack in her forties, well, let’s just say their calendar opened up. In the midst of what I thought was a heart attack, I prayed and told baby Jesus that I would never eat butter again…or snickers…if I could just have another chance at taking care of my body. I swear, I’ll do it this time.

I have to.

I’ve got three boys and a busy household and way too many excuses. But I’m starting today, now, with my new diet program.

Just stop eating so damn much.

Join me?


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