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feeling motivated

I wish I could capture this feeling in a bottle and take a swig the next time I feel like giving up on my quest to be healthy.

I slept in a little today–well, until 7 a.m.–and took my shower and headed straight to the lab for my bloodwork, since I had to fast. I don’t mind not eating for a few hours, but functioning without coffee is a challenge.

I got it done, and afterwards, drove to 7-11 to grab a cup of coffee. My head was already throbbing from the lack of caffeine, and I felt queasy, so I grabbed a banana to eat in the car. (Did you KNOW 7-11 even sold bananas?)

I’m saving the best part for last. I got on the scale this morning, and i’m down 3 pounds. I know it’s just water and such, but it’s very motivating to be moving in the right direction.