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hard moments

Well, I managed to make it through family movie night without touching the candy. How is it my children can lug a massive pillowcase full of deliciousness down to the basement and set it next to them and eat, like, two pieces?

Truly it’s a miracle, all things considered.

But I didn’t touch it. I wanted it, but I reminded myself of how awful I’ve been feeling–headaches and sluggish–and I knew the chocolate would just make it all worse.

And can you believe, I woke up on Sunday morning feeling a whole lot better? My headache is finally gone.

We went to Portillos last night for dinner and I ate a salad. That’s it. I didn’t consume a single french fry. I knew if I ate one, I would want them all, so I just didn’t eat it.

That is a victory.

My youngest is home sick, and was up and down all night, so I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but I’m determined to not use that for an excuse to eat junk. I’m sticking with the plan, enjoying a hot cup of tea, and staying focused on what I need to do.

Like a boss.